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f u j o u r i ★
Fujouri is an icon community owned by yuzurenai, in which she posts icons, layouts or any other graphics she makes. Feel free to snag any graphics off the posts, as long as you remember to credit. If you want to request tutorials, please do so! I'd be more than happy to be able to help, and if I do not have the .psd files any longer, I'll try my best to recreate the same icon. Don't be shy!

This community was created because I was really lazy to bother logging into another account just to post icons. Also, I enjoy making icons in my free time, therefore I needed a place to store them. ♥

★ r u l e s
The rules here are really simple. First of all, remember to credit. If you don't know how, here's a simple example:

Crediting makes the creator happy! :D

Secondly, do not use these icons outside of livejournal without my permission. I hope that's an easy enough rule to follow. If you want to use it elsewhere, simply drop a comment. That's all I'm asking for.

c r e d i t s + o t h e r s ★
The layout coding was gotten from hellogoodmornin, and the userinfo coding was done by myself. The resources page is here, and my affliates page is found here.

since the twenty-fifth of december 2005